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Ryan is a Loyalist College photojournalism graduate currently working as a photographer/videographer at the Guelph Mercury.

Pictures are a great way to document things, and enable other people to see things they might not otherwise be able to see. Pictures are a great communication tool, and good pictures make this communication that much easier. I am particularily fond of club photography. The lighting at these events provides an excellent opportunity to capture interesting images.

I've been a fan of photography since I took my first class in Grade 10. What an amazing tool the camera is. I was taught all the basics of SLR photography, and also had the opportunity to develop black and white film. I took another introductory course in my first year of university, which taught me more about composition. It also taught me that photography can be expensive. I didn't see much value in paying $20 for film and developing, only to be disappointed with the results. Photography remained an interest, but not one that I actively pursued.

Digital cameras appealed to me, but didn't have enough features to interest me. Then my 3rd year graphics teacher recommended we try to pick one up. After doing some research, I decided on the Nikon Coolpix 995. It offered the advantages of shutter speed control, aperture control, 4x optical zoom, and the ability to get within 2cm of the subject. Despite the hefty initial investment, this camera provided me with exactly what I needed. Freedom. I could take as many pictures as my card could hold, review the results immediately, and delete the pictures I was not happy with. More importantly, with 'unlimited' shots, I began to experiment in ways I otherwise would not have. I took more pictures more frequently. I played with shutter speeds and f-stops. I brought my camera with me everywhere I went. And I had fun doing it. Since its purchase in September of 2001, I have taken over 25 000 pictures. My D-70 is even busier shooting over 700 frames a week.

In January of 2004 I made a decision. After years of going to school for programs I wasn't enjoying I looked into photography schools. After weighing my options I decided that the Photojournalism program at Loyalist College in Belleville would be best suited for me. I liked the idea of going out and capturing life as it happens. As part of the school requirements, I was required to purchase a digital SLR. Being a Nikon user, the obvious choice for me was the new Nikon D70. I wasn't sure what to expect from this camera but so far I love it. It's a considerable investment though. It looks like I'm going to have to buy a few more lenses to really take advantage of all that it offers me.

I have finished my schooling at Loyalist College, and am now officially a photojournalist. So far things have been going well for me, and I have worked at a number of quality newspapers including the Ottawa Citizen, the Winnipeg Free Press, and the Windsor Star. I hope to continue to work in this field for some time.


My Equipment (3rd generation)

Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera with Vertical Grip
AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED
2nd Nikon SB-800 Speedlight System
SanDisk Ultra II 2GB CF card

My Equipment (2nd generation)

Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera
AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5~4.5G IF-ED
AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED
AF DX Zoom-Nikkor 10.5mm 1:2.8G ED
2 Nikon EN-EL3 Rechargeable Li-ION Batteries
Nikon SB-800 Speedlight System
Umbrella/stand lighting kit
Lexar Media 512MB CF High Speed Professional Digital Film with Write Acceleration

My Equipment (1st generation)

Nikon Coolpix 995
Nikon MC-EU1 Remote Cord
Nikon WC-E63 Wide Converter Lens
2 Nikon EN-EL1 Rechargeable Li-ION Batteries
Nikon 16MB CF Card, SanDisk 64MB CF Card, Lexar 256MB CF Card
Minolta Auto 360PX Flash




Guelph Mercury - Staff Photographer/Videographer

November 2007 – present

Full time job as a staff photographer/videographer for the Guelph Mercury. Responsibilities include obtaining assignments, independently completing assignments in the field, and processing and filing images at the office. Sometimes I am assigned to capture video for our website.


Cornwall Standard-Freeholder - Staff Photographer

July 2006 – November 2007

Full time job as a staff photographer for the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder. Responsibilities include obtaining assignments, independently completing assignments in the field, processing and filing images at the office, and some writing. I am also responsible for producing a weekly picture page on a subject of my choice.


Princess Cruises - Staff Photographer (contract work)

November 2005 – July 2006

Six month contract working onboard the Golden Princess travelling through the Caribbean. Started a 2nd six month contract onboard the Crown Princess before leaving for my current position. Responsibilities included shooting formal portraits and candid pictures, developing and printing pictures, selling pictures in the photo gallery.


Windsor Star - Staff Photographer (summer job)

June 2005 – August 2005

Three month summer job as a staff photographer for the Windsor Star. Responsibilities included obtaining assignments, independently completing assignments in the field, processing and filing images at the office.


Winnipeg Free Press - Staff Photographer (internship)

April 2005

Three-week internship as a staff photographer for the Winnipeg Free Press. Responsibilities included obtaining assignments, independently completing assignments in the field, processing and filing images at the office.


Ottawa Citizen - Staff Photographer (internship)

December 2004

Two-week internship as a staff photographer for the Ottawa Citizen. Responsibilities included obtaining assignments, independently completing assignments in the field, processing and filing images at the office.

Freelance Photographer (UK/CANADA)

Summer 2002 - present

Four weeks of experience working on the Loyalist College Pioneer (college newspaper) including one week as editor. Pictures printed in the Belleville Intelligencer, National Post, Cornwall Standard Freeholder. Commissioned to shoot fashion for Finishline Racewear and nudeclothes. Official photographer of the 2005 and 2006 Ottawa Tulip Festival. Official photographer of the 2004 Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival. Commissioned to shoot weddings, receptions and parties. I’ve done photographic work at various clubs in the UK, US, and Canada for clients such as ukclubland.net, Surface Nightclub, Destiny Productions, Aria Nightclub and picturethisdetroit.com.

Andrew Balfour Photography - Studio Assistant

January 2003 - December 2003

Responsibilities: organizing negatives, numbering prints, framing photos, assembling albums, filing bills, entering client data into the computer

Skills: communication, organization, attention to detail, following instructions


ImmageTech - Noritsu Photofinishing Machine Technician

March 2003 - August 2003

Responsibilities: ordering parts, scheduling appointments, completing onsite modifications

Skills: communication, organization, attention to detail


Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs DEFRA (UK) - Porter

Summer 2002

Responsibilities: setting up conference rooms, sorting mail, delivering mail, picking up mail, customer service, receiving packages

Skills: communication, dealing with people, teamwork, organization, attention to detail


Abbey Technology (UK) - Sales

Summer 2001

Responsibilities: door to door sales, paperwork

Skills: communication, dealing with people, independence, teamwork, patience, adaptability


The Listening Company (UK) - Telesales

Summer 2001

Responsibilities: calling individuals and reciting a script to sell accidental death insurance

Skills: communication, dealing with people, independence, teamwork, patience, adaptability


Purolator Courier - Relief Courier

Summer 1999 & Summer 2000

Responsibilities: loading truck in the AM, delivering packages, picking up packages, did some work on the sort (loading 18 wheelers)

Skills: time management, efficiency, communication, dealing with people, map reading, driving, decision making, independence, teamwork, patience, adaptability


National Research Council - Technical Writer / Trainer (high school co-op position)

September 1997 - January 1998

Responsibilities: I was given a scanner and asked to write a technical manual on how to use it, scanned and catalogued photographs

Skills: independent working, self teaching, technical writing, teaching peers


Shoppers Drug Mart - Cashier / Stockboy

July 1997 - October 1998

Responsibilities: stocking shelves, working a cash register, receiving, keeping the store in order

Skills: counting money, cash register use, customer relations, willingness to do more


Parkwood Hills Public School - Computer Instructor

February 1996 - April 1996

Responsibilities: instructing children on the basics of computer use in an after school program

Skills: patience, communication, leadership, relating with kids


Robinson’s Independent Grocer - Cleanup Crew

July 1996 - August 1997

Responsibilities: serving customers, stocking shelves, replenishing packing supplies, cleaning machinery, washing floors

Skills: time management, ability to deal with "garbage"



Graduated from Loyalist College with distinction (June 2005)

- Major in Photojournalism (courses: photojournalism issues, photojournalism techniques, writing for photojournalists, reporting, digital imaging, news photography, studio lighting, freelancing, documentary)


Attended Carleton University (1998-2004)

- Major in Industrial Design (courses: studio, mass production, form and colour, ergonomics, photography, computer applications, ID and the user, graphics, seminar)

- Minor in Business (courses: accounting, marketing, information technology, finance, small business management)

- other courses: psychology, economics, algebra, calculus, physics


Graduated St. Pius X High School (1998)

- recognized on Honour Roll

- recipient of Design and Technology Award 1996


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Photomechanic, Nikonview, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Word Processing, Internet Skills


Digital Photography, Music, In-line Skating, Skiing, Biking, Golfing, Hockey, Softball, Reading, Drawing, Movies, Video Games


Andrew Carroll
Managing Editor, The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

Bob Carroll
Photo Editor, The Windsor Star

Jon Thordarson
Photo Editor, The Winnipeg Free Press

John Major
Photo Editor, The Ottawa Citizen

Frank O’Connor
Director, Loyalist College Photojournalism Program
613.969.1913 ext. 2270